Andrew Wyeth Prints

Andrew Wyeth prints capture and invigorate the senses as this artist satisfies the popular notion that art should be faithful to nature. He has been referred to as "the people's artist" having without a doubt the largest number of admirers of any artist alive today.

Wyeth is well known for his interpretations of the austere rural landscapes of Pennsylvania and Maine and the people who live there. Based on his contribution to American realism he is deemed to be one of the most celebrated living artists of all time.

Many Andrew Wyeth prints are endearing reflections of American history. The charming abandoned farmhouses along with many of his other rural themes painted mainly in watercolours and tempera, are a part of the nostalgia associated with pre-World War II America.

Painting Style
When Andrew Wyeth painted he often began with a realistic approach, but in his passion to create, the artwork would take on an air of surrealism. Andrew Wyeth prints display technical brilliance along with an obvious affection for the subjects he chooses to paint. His inspiration for art was nurtured by his father Newell Convers Wyeth who was an artist with many of his own successes.

"The Helga Pictures," composed secretly over a fifteen year period reflect his dedication to the effects of light on the human body. He painted Helga in many different ways; at every time of day and night, indoors and outdoors, clothed as well as nude. Helga's physical changes throughout the fifteen years along with Wyeth's growth as an artist are what make the collection so interesting. We really get to see the changes and advances he gained during the years while he used Helga as a subject.

American Culture in Art
Although this artist is admired for his technical brilliance Andrew Wyeth prints are cherished for their authentic value. Wyeth has always been able to capture memorable places and figures that represent American culture with ease and represent them in a meaningful way. Museum collections of his paintings celebrate his vision for art while somewhere with a paintbrush in hand, he continues create.

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Andrew Wyeth - Master Bedroom

"When I was a kid and the rest were going to school, I was getting educated wandering through the cornfields and the woods."
- Andrew Wyeth

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