Andrew Wyeth Autobiography, Vol. 1

In this book, legendary American realist painter Andrew Wyeth looks back over six decades of his life and work. The book is told through a series of interviews with famous writer and art historian Thomas Hoving.

It is an autobiographical exhibition of Mr. Wyeths’ life and works. In it we are able to read not only about what he thought and felt about all of the pictures included in the book but we are also privy to reflections on his life, stories about his life and insightful descriptions of each and every one of the one hundred and thirty eight paintings and drawings in this book.

Andrew Wyeth AutobiographyEach piece of art work is accompanied by Andrew Wyeth’s own description of the subject and circumstances that led to the creation of that particular piece. Some pictures are accompanied by only a line or two, while some others are accompanied by a full page of notes.

His comments on the origin and events of each particular painting are completely inspired and interesting. We are able to get a glimpse into the thought process of the painter in a way we have never been privileged to before. We can see the painting through the painters own eyes. This is especially remarkable when we read the notes accompanying one of the earliest paintings included in the book: an oil painting of a man plowing his fields. This painting was done when Andrew was only sixteen years old. It is quite something to read what the most popular and accomplished Realist American painter of the 20th Century has to say about his own teenaged self!

Due to the many stories and insightful reflections about his life as well as his work, this is a book that will appeal to a wide audience of readers and not necessarily only those who have a background in the arts.


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